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System error tracking in v4.10.3
posted 2018.03.31 by Clark Wilkins

We just finished (hopefully) the last of the parser logic work. After testing for more than a week and noting results, we now have an internal reporting system that does the following:

  • Tests 47 potential parser errors.
  • Logs all errors with a copy of the data received from your MSUP.1
  • Texts simplexable support to let us know about the problem.2
  • Retains all error reports and original data for the last 30 days so we can troubleshoot as needed.
  • Emails support staff a summary of error events daily for the past 24 hours.

We are considering allowing our users to see this data for their sites. Let us know if this is of interest.

  1. MSUP: Magnet SUPervisory unit
  2. Only once per day/site. In the initial test period, we were sometimes getting > 300 texts a day!
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