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Alerts management updated in v4.11
posted 2018.04.06 by Clark Wilkins

We had some dissatisfaction recently due to a misunderstanding. The users involved did not understand that their account was not set up with any alarms turned on (yet), and when a magnet event happened, they did not get an alert. To help alleviate this, we have put a new alert tool in place that's accessible to any administrator.

The new tool can set:

  • A new alarm on all eligible sites, all sites within a group, or a specific site.
  • All eligible users or a specific user.
  • Set as a new replacement alarm or as an additional alarm on the same parameter.
  • Support setting inheritance and user default policies.1

As an example, an administrator with 8 groups and 30 TRIPWIRE units can push a new alert that texts when the helium drops below 60% to every active user at once. It's a nice extension to our global alerts that first appeared in v4.0.

  1. These are upcoming features - not released yet.
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