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Offline alert system (new in v4.13)
posted 2018.08.25 by Clark Wilkins

We brought back a feature which got dropped from the TRIPWIRE4.0 platform, and are pleased to talk about the return of the “autism” alert. In short, the server is running a check at 5 and 35 minutes past the hour — looking for sites that are “active”, but have not reported in for an hour or more. When it finds a problem with a site, the relevant users are alerted, so steps can be taken to fix the problem.

The configuration of this particular feature represented a bit of departure for us. We decided that, since the functionality was relevant and identical for all sites, it should be a single control that dictates all sites except those that “opt out”. We placed the controls ( how often you want to get an alert, and how it should be delivered ) at the top of the setup section.

Once you have the main setting on, you can disable a specific site by clicking into it via “my active sites” in setup. Be sure to click update to save your changes.

Site/account managers can further customize the alerts with the tagline function (since v4.12) and a new control (shown below) to change the “sender” of the email alert to an address of your choice.

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