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tripwire™ is a simple to install device that reports every 30 minutes on critical conditions that affect the health of your magnet systems. You connect it, turn it on, and forget about it — unless something happens. Or, if desired, you can login at any time and view both current and historical conditions.


24/7, it's acting as a sentry, sending reports back to the tripwire server. If something goes wrong, you're the first to know via customizable alert parameters. The server can even let you know if your tripwire™ device is not responding.


We've installed many tripwire™ devices since it was launched in 2014. Network conditions excluded, we've had 99.9% uptime on all installations.


A single pre-emptive report from your tripwire™ device can save you thousands of dollars in cryogens and other magnet costs by notifying you not only that a problem is occuring, but potentially alerting you to a degrading situation such as a failing coldhead before it becomes a problem.

a brief history

tripwire™ was first developed in early 2014 as a joint project of Simplexable and The JDIS Group after Larry Knight of Altima Diagnostic Solutions requested a Siemens magnet monitoring solution.

A three-way collaboration between Clark Wilkins, Larry Knight and Bach Nguyen resulted in several iterations of the back-end processor as well as the client-side server. More than 20 installations were completed and tested to culminate in the v3.0 public release in September 2016.

Since then, we've maintained a steady stream of updates (see the "history" link below) to constantly improve the service. Improvements are ongoing as our service partners and clients give us feedback on how we can better meet their needs.

got questions?

Contact Clark Wilkins of Simplexable at +1.828.553.9391 or simplexable at gmail dot com for more information.

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