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TRIPWIRE is a very economical solution. You can opt for a one-time payment for the server and use the “pay as you go” plan, or choose a 24-month contract.1

server cost (up-front payment, no contract)2
You are billed monthly, but only if the device is in use. This option is perfect for ISOs that move a TRIPWIRE unit around periodically. The device can easily be reassigned to record data on a different magnet in just a minute or so online.
server cost (24-month contract)1,2
Organizations with long-term need for TRIPWIRE services can get up and running at no up-front cost. The complete kit is included with an agreement to maintain monthly service fees (below) for a minimum of 24-months.
monthly service charge (basic)
ISOs and most technically competent end-users can benefit from the basic self-monitored service. This includes unlimited users, alert settings, and access. Technical support is available by email.
monthly service charge (concierge)
Some end-users will prefer the benefits of our expanded service. All of the basics package is included. At this service level, however, we actively monitor your site as well, and directly advise you by phone (or other methods as desired) of any current issues, and how you might best remediate them.

All paid TRIPWIRE accounts include:

  1. This option is only available to USA-based clients due to cost recovery options.
  2. The server comes configured for 4K magnets (standard) but can be ordered for 20K magnets as needed.
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