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Recent system changes
posted 2018.09.09 by Clark Wilkins

In response to our users, we've made more structural changes related to monitoring the health of the server (database) as well as the units deployed out in the field.

First, the TRIPWIRE server is now set to alert us immediately when a server error occurs. We get a text alert whenever an error occurs, so we know to respond quickly and deal with the issue.

Second, we now get an alert whenever one of your active units stops reporting for an hour. We will go online ourselves and see if the unit can be reset, and alert you ourselves if we can't resolve the issue.

We've made a number of other changes “under the hood” as well — related to structural improvements and system utilities. The goal is to improve customer service every time we think of new ways to make the TRIPWIRE system better. Thanks again for your business.

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